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Are you serching for google pay customer care number? Well then you are at the right post.Today in this post we are going to talk about Google Pay and Google Pay customer care number and how you can reach to them and ask them about your query and doubts and solve your problems.

Google Pay Google Pay customer care number

What is Google Pay ?

Google has launched it’s online payment system and digital wallet in February 2018,Origanally this platform was launched as Android pay.

In 2015 in Google/IO then renamed as G Pay and then google decided to merge all of it’s payment platform into one brand called ” Google Pay”.

Firstly, Google pay uses peer to peer connection and allows it’s users to send and recive money using their phone numbers and it has also launched QR Code feature through a user can just scan the code and send money.

Google pay has replaced the credit card,debit card,megnetic strips, pin and pass code with it’s wallet feature to transmit card data to the reciver or to pay point it uses NFC (near field communication) instead of old fashion chip card or megnetic cards.

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How to Use Google Pay

Most importantly,

To use Google Pay First you need to download Google Pay Application from Google Play Store and if you are iOS user then you can find it on App store as well.

After that downloading this Application you will be welcomed with Setup screen so just setup you account and you’re done.

Is Google Pay Secure ?

Technically, Yes It is.

Because If you are paying to a merchant or at some shop then your credit/debit card credential or your bank account details will not get revealed to that person it get’s encrypted also if you are sending money to any person then he or she will not get your full mobile number they can only see last four digits of your phone number so it’s actully a good thing for privacy.

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Google pay customer care number

However, talking about Google pay customer care number, Obviously it’s an application so sometimes we face problems in payment gateway.

While we are making payment and fund gets deducted from our bank account and not gets credited in recivers bank account in this case you can reach to Google pay customer care and ask them about your problem.


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In Colclusion,

Me as a daily Google Pay User i feel very secure while using this application and i have never faced any issue, though sometimes due to slow internet connection it takes time to send money but still it’s a good platform to send and recive money for free of cost.



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